3 Joys I’ve Opened My Eyes To Since My Son Was Diagnosed With Childhood Cancer

We have a large sign made out of old barn wood leaning against our house. It says one word: JOY.

Childhood cancer has taught me how precious joy is. It’s also taught me you can find joy in the most unexpected places. Here are 3 joys I’ve opened my eyes to since my son was treated for childhood cancer.

1. Open Spaces: An Escape From The Stress Of Childhood Cancer

I used to sit on the plastic couch in Cooper’s hospital room and daydream of driving down a two-lane highway with the windows rolled down, the wind blowing through my hair. Those hospital rooms felt so claustrophobic, and I longed to be out in open spaces again.

Now, I find great joy in living out that daydream whenever possible. I can’t get enough of a view of the open countryside. All that space makes my heart sing with joy!

2. Silent Prayer: A Path Toward Reassurance

When Cooper was sick, there were many times when I didn’t have the mental ability to put words together for prayer. So instead, I just sat with God. I let the feelings I was having—often deep sadness and frustration, sometimes hope—soak out of me and into God.

In doing this, I found so much joy in simply being with God.

I continue to sit with God like this, letting my feelings soak out of me and into Him. Words aren’t always necessary. Sometimes, just being together is enough.

3. My Husband: A Rock During A Tumultuous Time

Before my son’s diagnosis, I took my husband for granted. I bossed him around and treated him more like a business partner than a best friend.

But his strength and the way he stood by my side throughout our son’s cancer treatment opened my eyes to what a blessing it is to have him in my life.

Of course, we have our struggles and growing pains. Childhood cancer is amazingly hard on a marriage. But through it all, the overwhelming feeling I get from my relationship with him is joy.

Childhood cancer is full of hard things. Focusing on the joy can lift our spirits. So, I invite you to leave a comment on this post about the joys in your own life.

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I’ve been a cancer mom since February of 2012 when my 2-year-old son, Cooper, was diagnosed with leukemia. I'm excited to connect with you here at Lionfighters and on Genuflected.com.

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