The 3 Thoughts That Helped Me Cope With My Child’s Cancer

When Cooper was first diagnosed with cancer, I started an online health journal on to keep family and friends updated. It began as a solution to keep up with communication, but it definitely evolved into a coping mechanism for me.

Each night, after Cooper went to bed, I would sit down and write about our day. I’d share funny stories about Cooper, let readers know how he was doing, and ask them for any specific prayers we needed.


I had to work through what it meant to have a relationship with God when my child had cancer, and it wasn’t always easy.

Sharing Sources Of Comfort With The World

So, when Cooper started to feel better, I created my own website,, and I kept writing. I wrote about the struggles and the lessons I learned.

I took people on a journey with me from questioning God’s existence to feeling God’s presence deeply in the midst of our struggles.  

Through it all, there were a few verses and quotes that particularly touched my heart and helped me through.

1. “Lord, save me!”

This phrase is from Matthew 14:30 and the story of Jesus’s apostle, Peter, walking on water. Peter got out of the boat and was walking on the water toward Jesus, but then, as he started to lose faith, he began sinking.

He reached out to Jesus and shouted, “Lord, save me!” Jesus immediately pulled Peter up. I said this verse out loud over and over when I felt like I was drowning in my son’s cancer treatment.

2. “Jesus.”

On the really bad days, I struggled to wrap my mind around the words I needed for a coherent prayer. All I could say was Jesus’ name, but that was enough. I let it be my prayer, and it comforted me. It got me through the hardest of hard days.

The Bible explains why it felt so helpful: The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run into it and are safe. (Proverbs 18:10) Big promises for parents who never feel safe when our children are going through cancer treatment.

3. “Just do the next right thing.”

Life can seem overwhelming when you are battling cancer. Keeping my house clean felt like an insurmountable task, not to mention the 300 other things on my to-do list. But my brain just didn’t work right when Cooper was sick, and I lacked motivation.

When I didn’t know what to tackle first, I told myself, “Just do the next right thing.” It seemed to help break things down into manageable chunks.

Cancer is a fight, but it is also an epic journey—a time in our life when we learn what we are made of and what, in life, is worth holding onto. I continue to write on my website about the struggle, and how we can discover the power of prayer in our life.

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