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4 Gifts I Want My Son To Have At Christmas, As A Childhood Cancer Survivor

Childhood cancer changed my point of view. It sharpened my vision and made it crystal clear what was important and what simply wasn’t.

Never was that more clear than in how I view Christmastime. No longer is “more, more, more” the goal.

It’s not about quantity. Now it’s about quality. Quality time together and the quality gifts we give and receive in this life.

So here are 4 gifts I hope Cooper can have this holiday season and always:

1. Perseverance

More than other kids, it seems our kids with cancer need to have a spirit that never gives up. Cancer carves a lion’s heart in our small fighters. It takes them to the edge of their strength and teaches them to never give up.

It’s a gift they will carry with them their whole life, and it will make them stronger in the long run.

2. Gratitude

It’s easy to focus on all the loss that cancer causes, but thinking about it can be a dark path to wander down. Instead, I hope Cooper can live a life focused on his many blessings.

I pray he can be grateful for what he does have, and let go of what he doesn’t.

3. Forgiveness

I hope Cooper can always forgive other people when they hurt him. But even more than that, I pray he can always forgive God.

Childhood cancer isn’t fair. It doesn’t make any sense, and it can be easy to blame God. I hope Cooper remembers God suffers when we do. Cancer isn’t from God, but every miracle and good thing that comes from it is.

childhood cancer4. Fearlessness

It’s terrifying to fight childhood cancer. It’s easy to become controlled by that fear and let it suck you into some dark places.

It’s my hope that Cooper can be strong and live fearlessly without fear casting its menacing shadow.

My hope for you this holiday season is that the perseverance, gratitude, forgiveness, and fearlessness you’re developing in your own life will continue to sustain you and give you strength, as well. My prayers are with you and your family.

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