birthday celebration ideas, in the hospital

5 Birthday Celebration Ideas When Your Child Is In The Hospital

In our family, birthdays are a weeklong celebration of fun, cake, and parties. But what do you do when your child’s birthday lands smack dab in the middle of a hospitalization, and he or she is feeling too weak and crummy to celebrate?

Here are 5 birthday celebration ideas to make their special day feel just a little bit more special while in the hospital.

1. Organize A Lawn Party.

This has become kind of a “thing” at Children’s Hospital & Medical Center in Omaha with several groups being featured in the Omaha World-Herald for showing their love and affection for their inpatient friends from six stories below the cancer floor.

Reach out and see if things can be organized for your child’s friends to show up on the lawn with a message of love and support. Whether they write “hello” with their bodies or make snow angels, it’s a great way to show that they still care enough to show up.

2. Record A Video.

Ask your child’s teacher to make a video of the class—or possibly even Skype or Facetime—if your child is up to it.

Better yet, see if your child’s best friends can record a brief birthday video. It’s sure to be a hit and watched several times, even after the big day has passed.

It’s a great way to help them feel like they are celebrating with friends, even when their body isn’t physically strong enough to be with them in person this year.

3. Decorate The Room.

Buy yourself some colorful streamers and hang them all around the room while your child is sleeping.

birthday celebration ideas, in the hospital

Then, hang it in your child’s hospital room as a constant reminder of all the love and support being sent your family’s way.

4. Share Messages Of Love.

Like an old-fashioned card shower, ask your child’s classmates to make a point of messaging via text or social media throughout the day on your child’s birthday.

It will help your child know she is celebrated no matter where she is spending her birthday this year.

5. Give Hourly Gifts.

Make the whole day feel like a celebration by giving your child tiny gifts to open at the top of every hour, even if it’s just cool pens, a neat cup, or some fun socks. It’s a great way to stretch out the fun and distract from the mundane hours in the hospital.

As parents, I think we would stand on our head, sing songs, and wiggle our ears if it would get just the smallest smile out of our child when they aren’t feeling well.

Hopefully, these ideas will save you from the possible calamity of performing such dangerous physical maneuvers this year on your child’s birthday.

If you have some other fun ideas, please share them in the comments.

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