common childhood cancers

Common Childhood Cancers (Part 1)

Coming up with a comprehensive list of all the different kinds of pediatric cancer is no easy task. A lot of cancers have subtypes, and sometimes, even the subtypes have subtypes.

So, it can be hard to give a really concrete number as to how many diagnoses there even are.

Just like with adults, cancer can develop pretty much anywhere in a child’s body, the American Society of Clinical Oncology explains. But some types of cancer are more common than others in young people.

From blood cells to brain tumors, here’s an overview of several of the more common childhood cancers.

In part 2, get an overview of a few more common childhood cancers.

Jill Beck
I've been an oncologist since 2010. With pediatric oncology, you get continuity of care with families—so you care for children when they're really sick and see them get better.

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