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What Friends And Relatives Did For Me When Cancer Struck Our Family

One thing that never surprises me, but also never ceases to amaze me, is the amount of support and love that kids with cancer receive.

And it’s not just the kids—their parents feel the love, too. Every day, I hear stories about friends, extended family, and communities stepping up their game to make cancer a little easier for the family to bear.

A few weeks ago, I asked parents who post regularly in Facebook’s cancer support groups to share some gestures their friends and relatives made that meant the most to them and their kids. There were so many wonderful and inspirational responses from parents, former pediatric cancer patients, and even adults who were grateful for the support they received during their own cancer battle.

Here are 22 of them, and I hope you find them just as uplifting as I did.

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Anisa Hoie
I've been a nurse for nearly 32 years, mostly taking care of kids with cancer. My job is to give the kids and their families a personal touch while they go through treatment.

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