Something My Patients Don’t Know About Me: Anisa Hoie

As a nurse, I interact with my patients every single day. I get to know them well—everything from their favorite color to what they want to be when they grow up.

Patients don’t know quite as much about me. And that’s okay—I got into nursing to help others. It’s not about me.

However, there are a few things I would love to share. I hope that by giving you a glimpse into my life, we will be able to relate and share our stories with one another.

Here are 10 things you probably don’t know about me and …

… Music

1. I absolutely love music. Not just listening to it, but making it. It’s such a great source of relaxation. I know how to play the piano and organ.

2. Music was a big part of my childhood. Back in high school, I was involved in band, where I played the trumpet. I also played the organ in church.

3. I may be past my trumpet days, but my love of music hasn’t gone away. I still play the piano, and I sing in church.

… Farm Life

4. I grew up on a farm. Working on the farm was a major part of my childhood.

5. It was just my sister and me—there were no boys in the family. So even though boys typically do field work, it became the girls’ job. We mowed, raked—everything you need to do on a farm.

6. By the time I was 8 or 9 years old, I knew how to drive a tractor.

… Medicine

7. Medicine has always interested me. I love to help people, so it’s the perfect line of work.

8. I have seven cousins on my mom’s side of the family. Four of them are also nurses, so an interest in medicine is definitely something that runs in the family.

9. When I was growing up, there were two main job opportunities for women—teaching and nursing. I thought about trying to have a music career, but I knew that would involve teaching. And I didn’t want to teach. Luckily, I was very interested in the field of nursing.

And finally …

Well, this is something you might know about me. But it’s always worth repeating:

10. I love helping children heal, and watching them grow. My patients are very important to me, and it is such a joy to see them every day.

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Anisa Hoie
I've been a nurse for nearly 32 years, mostly taking care of kids with cancer. My job is to give the kids and their families a personal touch while they go through treatment.

12 thoughts on “Something My Patients Don’t Know About Me: Anisa Hoie

  1. Anisa, you have a huge heart of gold!! I thank God daily for putting Brett in the care of Children’s during his battle. You always helped our young teenager relax a bit while under your care. Thank you seems so little after everything you have done for Brett & our whole family! May God bless you today & every day!

  2. The best part of nursing is seeing our patients heal and go home. Watching babies/kids grow and heal and be happy is the best job ever and we’re so lucky to do it!

  3. Anita has been such a blessing to our family. She truly cares for her patients and their families. Thank you for everything you have done for us.

  4. Anisa, Has always had a smile on her face, she was a beautiful, caring little girl and has grown into a beautiful lady. Her father was very proud of her and of her family. He talked about the visits with the grandchildren with such enthusiasm and a sparkle in his eye. He was proud of the amazing mother Anisa is to her children and how each child had their own individual talent. Anisa has always put her heart into anything she has done and I consider her an “earth angel” as she continues to shine!

  5. Hi might not remember me but I vaguely remember you growing up you have your mom’s cheery attitude and smile. Every time I walked in the clothing store she always had a bright smile and helpful I’m sure that’s helped you in your career. -Tim Wacker

  6. Anisa-
    You are our safe haven & a gift from God! We love you for all that you’ve done! You’ve been there when I’ve needed someone the most open armed & ready for a hug! At most times its the hug that I need most and that means the world!
    Love. Luckey McCord

  7. All children recovering from an illness should be so lucky to have a nurse like you, Anisa. Little did people know that when you were young, out standing in your field on the farm, you would be outstanding in your career choice. Thank you for sharing your talents and a little bit about you.

  8. Anisa – You are an amazing nurse and will always hold a special place in our hearts. We are so greatful that you were part of the team when Dani was at Children’s. And it is because of people like you, that families make it through such difficult times.

  9. You truly have a gift of comfort that you have and continually provide to our children. There is only one Anisa and we are forever grateful for you!!

  10. Anisa, my whole entire family owes so much gratitude to you. You, Annette, and Claudia along with Dr. Thompson saved Jack’s life 15 years ago without a doubt. I cry when I think about how nurturing and educated you were towards us. I became a nurse because of you and Jack. The nursing profession goes so far beyond following orders, you become our family. Sure, sometimes time slips by, but we’ll never forget the times you went over and beyond your call of duty. Omaha Children’s Hospital has the best staff hands down. My arms are wrapped around you with a forever hug, thank you so much. Katie from Child Life is a lifesaver too. Love and best wishes to each of you, Love the Comstocks.

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