The Spirit Of Giving: 11 Ways To Help A Family Touched By Cancer At The Holidays

The holiday season is here. And between twinkling lights, peppermint hot cocoa, and fancy displays in toy store windows, you can feel the holiday cheer in the air.

But for some families, that cheer is a little harder to find.

When a child has cancer, families face a demanding schedule, tight budgets, and little free time. These can worsen during the hectic pace of the holiday season, causing stress and even health problems.

Here are 11 ways you can get into the true spirit of giving this season—and help a family affected by pediatric cancer.


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Anisa Hoie
I've been a nurse for nearly 32 years, mostly taking care of kids with cancer. My job is to give the kids and their families a personal touch while they go through treatment.

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